Dear driver….

Dear driver of SUV I pass everyday,
I pass your vehicle almost everyday and get sadder and sometimes angrier every time I see your bumper sticker, “divorce hates children”. The first time I noticed it I was furious with you, a complete stranger, but now, I’m sad for you. I’m sad for you for the way you judge divorcees. I’m sad for you for your closed mind. Why do you group every divorcee in the same category? Do you know what brought every single couple to that decision? I really doubt it. No, divorce is not easy on young children, especially if they don’t understand why, but sometimes it saves them in the long run.
I am a divorced 100% single mom because my child meant so much more to me than an emotionally abused relationship and marriage did. I did not wish for a divorce nor was it an easy decision. It was never in my plans, but plans change. People change. Many divorcees chose their children. We chose to protect our children.

So driver I say to you, please open your eyes and your mind to all the possibilities. Most divorced parents didn’t wake up one day and decided to be done being married. For many the struggle of the decision kept them awake at night for weeks because divorce wasn’t suppose to be in their story until they could take no more and did what was best for them and their children.


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